Friday, July 17, 2009

Bangladeshi Cauliflower Curry

I make no claims that this is an authentic Bangladeshi curry but I did get the spice mixture at Deshi Groceries at 3723 W. 3 St., one of about five Bangladeshi shops on 3rd, between Western and Vermont, here in Los Angeles. Most of the grocery stores in this small Bangladeshi enclave north of Koreatown also serve prepared food, like fish curries and unusual vegetables including bitter melon. Similar to but definitely different from Indian food.

So, my curry was cooked up very easily in my Fissler Crispy Steelux frypan. I just sauteed an onion in some coconut oil, added a spoon full of ginger paste (bought that at the Deshi grocery too)and a couple of crushed garlic cloves plus a heaping Tbsp of curry powder. After stirring that around for a minute I added a can of crushed tomatoes, 2/3 cup of water and half a head of cauliflower, broken into pieces. I simmered for twenty minutes and served it up with brown rice and some tofu for protein.


  1. i'm definitely going to try this this weekend. cauliflower and curry are two of my favorite things to eat.

  2. i have to try this too; Weekly curry 'may fight dementia'