Monday, February 22, 2010

Pickle Power!

Jen Smith is an artist, but not a starving one. She’s been packing pickles that she makes herself and sells by monthly subscription. Forty dollars a month (plus a $15 joining fee that goes towards reusable jars) gets you five big jars of fermented and pickled vegetables, preserved fruits and sometimes even spicy condiments like Moroccan Harrissa. Currently on hand are: Bread and Butter Pickles; Brussel Sprouts, Fennel and Onion in a citrus brine; Curried Cauliflower; Pickled Cactus; Meyer Lemon Marmalade and a variety of fermented Krauts, Kim Chi and quick cucumber pickles! A side of sauerkraut would go great with pork chops and potato cubes.

Jen had a pickle tasting party at Statler-Waldorf Gallery in Los Angeles recently, where guests munched on pickles, looked at art and drank an intoxicating punch, after a few glasses of which, the colorful array of pickles began to look like a contemporary sculpture installation. Everyone was amazed at how incredibly good the pickled veggies were. Jen may expand to local Los Angeles farmers’ markets but in the meantime you can get fresh pickles for LA pick up or delivery, by contacting Jen at