Thursday, July 29, 2010

Holiday Gift Shopping in Summer? Check Out Oprah’s Pick for ‘World’s Coolest Nutcracker’

It’s never too early to think ahead towards the holidays. Chances are, you’ll be going to parties or even entertaining at your place. There are gifts to buy for hosts, friends, family and colleagues.

Impress them all with an alluring Scandinavian nutcracker by the Drosselmeyer Design Group of Sweden. It combines award-winning design with user-friendly features to do its job with grace, style, and above all, tidiness! No more shells and pieces flying across the room uncontrollably. And it’s an attractive addition to the holiday snack table. It makes a tasteful gift that hasn’t been seen and given so many times over, since it’s just now coming on the U.S. market.

Just take Oprah’s word for it: “The world’s coolest-looking nutcracker is also the easiest – no stress, no mess. Too bad it can’t dance.”

Maybe it can’t dance, but it makes a snappy holiday gift.

Curious about the name? Here’s the story:

Drosselmeyer is named after a character in Tchaikovsky’s famous Christmas ballet “The Nutcracker.” As the owner of the town’s toy factory, it is said that whenever he appears, magic and unexpected things occur.

See for details and stores. Whatcha waitin’ for ... Christmas? Get cracking.

Attention New York-based editors: you can set an appointment to view the nutcracker in person Aug. 3-5 by calling (323) 731-1111 ext. 105.