Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mariel and Me

The Fissler foodies made a trip to New York recently to participate in a housewares show for media people put on by the International Housewares Association. While in New York we visited the famous Zabar's which is probably New York's oldest, largest and certainly most fun gourmet shop/deli. And there on a shelf, amidst the lox and pickles and cheeses and rugalach, were my pal Mariel's Blisscuits. See that picture: not the one of the tea and Blisscuit: the other one. That's Mariel and me. Okay, we're not really pals, but I met her briefly at the Natural Products Expo back in March, and she's really one of the nicest celebrities you'll ever meet: truly friendly and down-to-earth. And she's on the right track when it comes to food and nutrition. She's written an excellent cookbook and now she's making Blisscuits. Mariel's Blisscuits are gluten free snack cakes made with ingredients like almond meal, organic agave nectar, organic coconut, egg whites and other good ingredients. They take a reasonable approach to snacking. In other words they are made from real food ingredients so they are not fat-free or sugar-free or carb-free or anything like that. But they are good for you and they come in four flavors that happen to taste great. If you aren't near Zabar's you can find some other places to buy them at the Blisscuit website.