Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In the Mix/Can Cocktails be Healthy?

My friend Sam had a birthday gathering recently at the Hollywood Roosevelt's intimate Library Bar, where her friend, DJ Tatiana Litvin was spinning classic tunes. Some would call them "old skool" but we will avoid that term on this blog as the word "old" implies aged (pronounced with two syllables) and, reality aside, no one likes to associate birthdays with aging. So classic it is. On the subject of classics, bartender Matt Biancanello (pictured above) is one of the talented mixologists that have brought back the classic art of mixing cocktails. No sour mix here. He grabs fresh fruits and veggies from bowls on the bar and whips up custom cocktails, blending classic spirits like Pimm’s and Belvedere (okay, a future classic) vodka with unexpected flavors like white raspberries and fresh ginger. The guy works hard to make these drinks taste good but the quality of the fresh ingredients makes them kinda good for you too.

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