Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fine Food Found: Soleil Westwood

Introducing “Fine Food Found,” short dining reviews by Fissler Foodies in Los Angeles.

Les deux moules

Soleil Westwood interpretation

Fissler interpretation

A French-Canadian bistro on LA’s Westside was offering a generous bowl of moules frites for $10 as part of its 10-year anniversary celebration. How could I (or anyone) resist?

This was my first visit to Soleil Westwood, a charming little spot on Westwood Boulevard just south of Wilshire. From the décor to the service and naturally the food, it was delightful on all fronts.

We began with the parmesan cheese fondue, which is not at all what you may think. A tempting square of baked, breaded cheese appears artfully plated. As the gracious host/chef/owner explained, Canadians spread it on bread with a dash of butter and salt. Simple perfection, pictured below.

My guest ordered crab cakes on farfalle pasta, an unusual combination enriched by a lusty Dijon cream sauce.

The moules frites is pictured above before I devoured it. When the server cleared the dishes, there wasn’t a thing left, not even little scraps of frites. Magnifique!

Coincidentally, Fissler’s new Solea line uses a pot of mussels to illustrate its mouth-watering versatility (pictured above). Described as “visionary, individual and sophisticated,” the line will make its US debut in March at the International Home and Housewares Show. Stay tuned for the details and prepare to be inspired! (If you just can’t wait, click here.)


  1. How funny: Soleil and Solea, both featuring mussels.

  2. LOve that place, thank you Soleil for bringing that lovely restaurant in westwood.