Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Learn to pressure cook, one recipe at a time!

Beginner Basics: Learn to pressure cook, one recipe at a time!
If you would like to learn how to pressure cook but don’t know where to start, check out the best pressure cooking site on the web:
On January 12th Hip Pressure Cooking will begin a recipe series for those who have been sitting on the fence and waiting for an excuse to start using a pressure cooker.
The 8 recipe series, Beginner Basics, is designed to teach commonly used cooking techniques and accessory use, one recipe at a time. A number of the recipes will preview the Fissler Vitaquick pressure cooker which will be introduced to U.S. consumers later in 2011.
Here is the post announcing the new series:
The step-by-step photos and descriptions will be more detailed than usual. Laura Pazzaglia, from Hip Pressure cooking writes that, “you will feel as if I am standing right next to you in the kitchen helping you to get started on your pressure cooking adventure.”

As the month progresses the cooking techniques and recipes will get just a little more complicated. By the end of the series Laura hopes to have given her followers the confidence to try any recipe on the website!

A new "Beginner Basics" recipe will be published every Tuesday and Friday starting mid-January. Here is the plan, and the recipes and skills that will be taught!

Mashed Potatoes - boiling
Steamy Veggies - steaming
Pasta Sauce- brown, boil and reduce
Bean Salad - the "quick soak" method
Roasted Chicken Pieces - brown, braise, deglaze and reduce
Chicken Stock - make stock or broth
Pot Roast with Veggies - multi cooking, one pot meal
Fruity Steamy Cake - water bath aka bain marie

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Need a pressure cooker? All the recipes in the series can be produced in the fabulous Fissler Blue Point, currently available all over North America!

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