Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkey in Fissler’s Blue Point Pressure Cooker

Did you cook your Thanksgiving turkey in the oven? That’s what I did every year for a decade. This year, our oven was on the fritz and I was worried that the entire Thanksgiving dinner could be ruined if it failed in the middle of cooking. I have often heard that meat cooked in a pressure cooker is incredibly tender, so I decided to take a risk and make the turkey on the stove-top. Eventually, I made every dish on the stove and avoided the oven all together.

Turkey Recipe:

1 turkey

Scoops of stuffing to fill the cavity

4 cans chicken broth

The 12 lb turkey didn’t fit into my 6L Fissler Blue Point Pressure Cooker whole. No problem! I used my Fissler Profession Boning Knife to take off the sides from the leg through to the wing, and cooked the turkey in 2 batches.

I put the legs and wings into the Blue Point Pressure Cooker and added 2 cups of chicken broth. The lid of the Blue Point feels very secure, and as I swiveled the top on and locked it in place, I knew there was no danger of anything going wrong (exploding is my biggest fear!) On medium heat, I cooked the legs and wings for 40 minutes. While it was cooking, I made stuffing.

The Blue Point Pressure Cooker is surprisingly quiet while cooking. When I opened the lid, much of the liquid had been absorbed into the meat and it was incredibly tender.

I stuffed the cavity of the remaining half of the turkey with stuffing made from Pepperidge Farm Herb Stuffing with dried Bing Cherries and cranberries, almonds and cubes of Fuyu persimmons.

I placed that into the Blue Point Pressure Cooker, added 2 cans of chicken stock and brushed the top with butter.

I cooked it on medium heat for 45 minutes. After taking the turkey (minus legs and wings) out, there were enough drippings in the pan to add to the Pumpkin Sage Gravy. The turkey was deep honey brown and looked great! I was surprised that pressure cooking a turkey added as much color as it did. Besides being in pieces, it looked and smelled like a turkey right out of the oven! With a smaller turkey, whole chicken, or if I had used the 8L Blue Point Pressure Cooker (mine is 6L), I could have cooked it all at once.

The stuffing inside the turkey was much moister and more delicious than the rest of the stuffing. Next time, I might just cook all the stuffing in with the turkey. I used the turkey drippings to make Pumpkin Sage Gravy (it's incredibly delicious!) Here's what the drippings looked like:Add Image

The meal was a huge success! Two out of Five diners said it was the best Thanksgiving dinner they have had and we all agreed that it was the best turkey I have ever cooked.

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