Monday, April 18, 2011

Whole Wheat Matzoh Balls in the Pressure Cooker

Matzoh balls take at least half an hour to cook, but you can reduce the cooking time by more than half in a pressure cooker. I used Streit's Whole Wheat Matzo Ball Mix to make the job even faster. Matzo balls in chicken soup are, of course, a special Passover holiday dish (April 18th and 19th this year) but they are delicious year 'round. Just follow the directions on the box of matzo ball mix and cook for twelve minutes instead of 30. The lower picture shows them just after dropping in to the boiling chicken broth in the Fissler Blue Point Pressure Pan. After this picture was taken I put the pressure lid on, allowed the pressure to rise, lowered the heat and waited 12 minutes. Then I released the pressure and opened the lid. The upper picture shows the finished matzo balls.A sprinkling of chopped fresh dill makes a nice finishing touch in the bowl.

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